I can be considered an AI enthusiast, and constantly seeking content related to algorithms, applications, new features, techniques, and all AI-related stuff. I was taking courses on how to make cleaning data, design an amazing pipeline, data structure, data engineers, and all the hot topics.

But recently after reading the history of two women, former Google, I realized that I spent all of my time thinking about the product, the model, and I never thought about the subject of data. Then I found this GitHub repository with an anti-racist reading list.

So I mean, yeah, use PCA, make charts to…

The idea of this post is to make an introduction to sentiment analysis using Julia, a language design to high performance, and have a similar syntax with Python.

Sentiment analysis has grown over the scenario of artificial intelligence in the last years, bring changes in how to collect information about the perception of the user to a certain product, treat patients, discover diseases, etc. Many datasets have been used by researchers to measure their performance, so for this post, we are using IMDB’s dataset which contains reviews from users.

There are packages in Julia that provide a pre-processed dataset. For…

Emory Raphael Viana Freitas

I am a software developer with a big passion in sports.

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